• Education 4.0
  • Globalization
  • Coursera
  • KOOC
  • K-MOOC


Project Background
  • Need a shift in paradigm from that of professor centered knowledge delivering education to student centered education.
  • - In need of personalized education based on the individual student's knowledge level and learning ability.
  • - Change in education method due to the rapid development of IT technology.
  • - In need of training competent professionals under a global educational environment

Basic concept of the Education Program
  • - Independent: Web-based self-directed learning, inquiry-based learning
  • - IT-Based: Smart learning environment, virtual learning environment
  • - Integrated: Interdisciplinary integrated education, cooperative learning in small groups
  • - Internationalized: Global learning network, various learning support


Expected effects
  • - Achieve voluntary motivation and self-directed learning during the learning process.
  • - Enhance intimacy between the professor/student and students through group learning in small groups.
  • - Create and apply collective intelligence by utilizing cooperative learning support system.
  • - Achieve an integrated education by employing the extensive learning resources from the Internet and enabling prior learning of individual basic concepts
  • - Improve access and utilization of learning resources through the establishment of a smart education system
  • - Employ international OCW to establish a global learning network with the help of real-time video lectures
Expected effects
Traditional education KAIST Education 3.0
The professor has predominance in knowledge An approach to knowledge of teachers and students with respect to the development of the Internet
Focusing on the possession of knowledge The important utilization and integration of knowledge
Professor centered education Learner centered education
Contents delivery centered Context composition centered
at certain locations Break away from the regional limitations of education
Routine Manual Skill Nonroutine Interactive Skill