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What is iPodia?

A global hub of integrated learning environments among multiple university partners to share courseware and other instructional resources of the highest quality in order that students from participating schools can learn from and with each other across physical and institutional boundaries.

International & Interactive & Innovative & Cross-cultural & No-distance learning

iPodia Partner Universities

University of Southern California(USC), Peking University(PKU), National Taiwan University(NTU) Technion, RWTH Aachen

Teaching & Learning Methodology

a form of "blended e-Learning"

  • 1. study pre-recorded video lecture
  • 2. discuss the issue of the lecture video through the video conference system
  • 3. participate in Global Team Project with partner universities' students

iPodia Test Operation
  • - Semester: 2013 Spring
  • - Participants: KAIST, USC, PKU (18 students per each university)
  • - Course Title : Principles and Practices for Global Innovation (IE 481)
  • - Professor : James Morrison (KAIST), Stephen Lu (USC)

Technical Background of iPodia classroom

The Classroom

  • - The physical space of the room should be enough for sitting at least 20 to 25 students at a time.
  • - The classroom should have adequate and stable bandwidth capable of IP-based video conferencing.

LMS(Learning Management System)

for interaction among the professors and the students

Video Camera(s) & Microphones & Screens

At least two wall-mounted, high-end video cameras adequate for the above video conferencing capability.

iPodia Classrooms