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On Campus

Education service region
Education service region

Promote education cooperation in global online education
  • - Conduct real-time remote lectures with international universities
  • - Conduct remote education with international universities based on Cyber Faculty policy
  • - Utilize main or auxiliary lecture materials through KLMS online lectures
  • - Provide consulting on the establishment of an online education system and management of international universities
  • - Provide staff training for local education systems and management

Educational media content development and technical support
  • - Record various on-campus events and seminars
  • - Support the production of teaching plan materials by professors
  • - Provide downloadable teaching plan templates
  • - Provide technical support for lecture video recording, editing and DVD production
  • - Provide support in editing educational videos
  • - Provide multimedia equipment rental service

Review and sit-in-on service for students

rovide online lectures of basic required and general courses to increase the students' satisfaction with their education and to provide the opportunity to deepen their education through repetition

How to apply for "Sit-in-on"
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