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Making video course

Guide to Making video course
동영상 강의제작 Process
Camtasia Personal S/W Self-Studio
(PPT with Writing)
Time No restricion 24 hours Reserve after consulting
Place Personal Place ITCB(N1) Studio N1 Studio,
E11 Studio
Preparation Webcam(option), Headset None None
Tool Support S/W None Full Full
Support None None by Request Full
Advantage Time and place
are off limit
Time,place and software are off limit Simple video
with PPT
Writing on PPT is available High quality
Disadvantage Need to learn
how to operate
Personal S/W
should be prepared
Only PPT with video Difficult to edit Need a prior consultation

Types of video lecture

General Production

(1) PC Production

(가) Camtasia

  • - Place: Personal Place
  • - Time: No limitation
  • - Function: Recording, Editing
  • - Provide: Camtasia S/W, Camtasia Manual on the web
  • - Supporting range: Only S/W license
  • ※ Webcam and headset should be prepared

(가) Personal S/W

  • - Place: Personal Place
  • - Time: No limitation
  • - Function: Screen Recording, Editing
  • ※ Webcam, headset and recording software should be prepared

(2) Self-Studio

  • - Place: ITCB (N1)
  • - Time: Need to check a KAIST reservation site (https://urs.kaist.ac.kr)
  • - Function: Recording, Editing, Sound system, webcam
  • - Supporting range: After consultation

Planned Production

  • (1) Studio
  • - Place: ITC B/D(N1) #104, Creative B/D(E11) #107
  • - Time: After consultation
  • - Function: Virtual environment, Front writing style
  • - Supporting range: Full support for studio
  • ※특이사항
    • - Storyboard should be prepared
    • - Full time operator will help recording and editing.