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About Us

About Us

The KAIST Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching is working to cultivate creative and global leaders in science and technology through creative reforms in learning and teaching.

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching utilizes a student-centric method of learning and teaching in a smart environment (Education 3.0), supports learning and teaching by providing online courses in fundamental courses for prospective freshmen (Bridge Program), and provides an E-learning program that will strengthen professionalism and the capacity of human resources in science and technology through education agreements with industry and research institutions. iPodia, a global education consortium utilizing virtual lectures with world renowned universities, is working to support the creation of knowledge, not only for KAIST but for all universities around the world. Through a collaborative agreement with the largest Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs), COURSERA, KAIST wishes to provide the world with lectures give by elite lecturers to students around the world. Furthermore, KAIST is, through immense technical support, operating and developing the KAIST Learning Management System (KLMS) and Education 3.0 Classrooms, which offers interactive learning, in order to provide the best environment for learning and teaching.

Through various forms of support and learning and teaching methods, the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching is working to provide the best education for not only KAIST students, but anyone who wishes to learn.